Heidi and Spencer Pratt Are Getting A New Show – It’ll Definitely Be Better Than The City

Flashback Friday to the golden years of the mid-2000s when Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag fell in love on The Hills. Did their relationship ruin pretty much all of Heidi's friendships? Yes. Did their relationship destroy both of their careers? Yes. Did we watch every single episode of that shit show? Yes.

Well, the gruesome twosome is coming back for a new reality tv show. Because in a world where lions are getting murdered and we might have found the missing Malaysian airplane, we really need more Speidi in our lives. Instead of pretending that Heidi could have a career in fashion or Spencer isn't a more fucked up version of Scott Disick, this show will follow them as they mentor up-and-coming celebrities on how to succeed in Hollywood. The premise seems ironic considering that they have no fucking clue how to succeed in Hollywood.

Lessons include etiquette in meetings and how to walk a red carpet. No word yet on whether the curriculum includes how to get fired for being blackout drunk at a work event or using a Chanel bag to replace all of your friends? I don't know and I don't care, but I'm so ready for Speidi's return.


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