257. Having An Addictive Personality

Have you ever thought you could casually start something you liked, say watching a Netflix show for example, and then before you knew it you were in a black hole of that thing where you couldn’t stop doing it and it’s all you wanted to talk about? So maybe you’re not in rehab, but you know pretty well that you have an addictive personality.

In job interviews, you might call it being “passionate” but IRL you know it’s because you get obsessed with shit you like. And we’re not talking about drugs. Though tbh you sometimes wonder if you’re addicted to alcohol, but if you never stop drinking then you’ll never have to find out. Nope, we’re talking about regular life shit that you manage to obsess over.

You can’t help that you get obsessed; it’s just in your nature. For the same reason you’re a perfectionist, you also don’t know when to stop. It’s why you’re so perfect all the time, because at a young age you learned that if you kept doing something when other people stopped, you’d be doing that thing better than everyone else. But your addictive personality extends beyond winning.

When you meet a bro you like, you fall fucking hard. And even when you’re like doing perfectly fine without him one day, the moment he enters your life you obsess over him and accidentally start fantasizing about your relationship together—even though you’re still in the texting phase. (PS, if you read our book you’d know this is called Emotional Masturbation and you need to cut it out.) You’re not a total nicegirl so you don’t let it get TOO overboard where you start making a physical wedding album, but like, there’s still a five-minute span where you seriously worry. Basically, how some people feel about heroin is how you feel about all the shit in your life you love, down to Pierre Hermé macarons.

It’s also the reason you know you’ll never do heroin because you’re pretty sure you’d like it too much. You get withdrawal from shit like coffee to Pinterest to breakfast sandwiches. When you hear a song you like, you download it and play it over and over again. It’s also a great excuse you use when you don’t want to do something. Like, if a kid tries to sell you Snickers for a school fundraiser, you can say “I have an addictive personality so I probably shouldn’t.” Or when your friend is like, “Do a line with me?” you’re like, “IDK I might get addicted so I probs shouldn’t…but OK if you insist I will.”

You can get addicted to anything, not just online shopping or boys or music, but those are probably at least in the top ten. As long as you stay away from the hard stuff, you manage your addictive personality by obsessing over things and telling people you’re just “passionate”.  Plus, you’re also addicted to winning, which means you never stop until you do.


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