Betchy Vocab: Hate-Follow

There are numerous reasons you choose to follow someone on the socials. Most likely, they’re your friends and you follow them even though they post stupid shit—you like it anyway because you’re, like, such a good friend.

I'm such a good friend

You probably also follow some celebrities, bloggers and parody accounts. Girl’s gotta keep up on what’s going wrong in the world without actually watching or reading the news, right?

This last group is from which we get today’s vocab word, the group you hate-follow.

We all have those few fringe friends or frenemies that post literally the easiest shit to make fun of. They’re basically asking you to screenshot their posts and roast them in your group chat. It’s almost like they’re trying to be pathetic. That, my friends, is a hate-follow.

If you’re saying you don’t hate-follow a few accounts, you’re a fucking liar. Go home, liar.

A key aspect of someone you hate-follow has to be that your friends also hate-follow this person. If you don’t wake up to a phone full of embarrassing screen shots from other people’s social media accounts, you need to take a deep look at your friendships because you’re probably the person everyone else is making fun of. How embarassing for you.

Not all posts deserve to be mocked relentlessly, but here are a few that can easily be torn apart: overly sappy relationship posts, fitness and workout photos, any photos where the subject looks obviously drunk, anything that qualifies as an overshare, any post where your ex looks remotely happy, and pictures of your worst enemies looking shitty, etc.

If your actual friends post something that falls into one of these categories, you can make fun of them too. To their face, though. You’re not a monster.

Your feeds and timelines should be a delicate balance of the greatest people you’ll ever meet and the worst.

the greatest people you'll ever meet

Follow accordingly. 


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