Harry Styles’ Man Hair, How Long Is Too Long?

They’ve made it official, Kendall and Harry Styles finally told the world what we have all known for weeks, they are dating. And they even made it past the first awkward stage of all under 21 relationships, meeting each others parents. So now the real question is, how long will Harry let his hair get? And at what point is it weird that his hair is several inches longer than Kendall’s? Also I feel like we need to mention, that his hair is now about a foot longer than Taylor Swift’s. So how long is too long for man hair?
Vogue says a good rule of thumb is collarbone length. And I tend to agree, Harry is right there currently, right at the surfer, British rocker length that appeals to all the Kendall-types out there. So I would say, if your BF is a surfer from California who lives his life by his own rules, then let him grow out his hair to collarbone length. But if he is a college student in New Hampshire drag his lazy ass to the barber.


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