Hanson Is Making A New Christmas Album So It’s Basically The 90s

If this election season has you wishing you could go back to a simpler time, before Donald Trump and having your nudes hacked on iCloud, you’re about to get your wish just in time for Christmas. Hanson, your favorite ‘90s boy band until Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC came along, is making a new Christmas album.

Nope, you didn’t hop in a time machine, it’s still 2016. The original Jonas Brothers are back in the studio working on the long-awaited followup to 1997’s iconic Christmas album, Snowed In. Their producer, who is somehow the same guy that they worked with literally 20 years ago, has been posting Instagrams from inside the studio, confirming that the bros are hard at work on new stuff.

In case it’s been a while (read: a decade) since you paid attention to Hanson, we’ll update you. They’re all in their thirties now, and tbh they’ve aged better than the Backstreet Boys. They’re all still at least moderately cute, but Isaac is clearly the cutest and has been since the 90s. Unfortunately, they’re all married with at least three children, which is like, slightly alarming but I guess good for them. So basically, don’t worry about seeing them on tour because there’s a 0% chance you’ll get invited onto the tour bus afterward.

It’s not actually clear yet when this Christmas album is being released, but the band has previously promised that there will be big news for the 20th anniversary of “MMMBop” in 2017. Yes, you’re really that old.

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