Who Is Halsey?

Halsey or Ashley Nicolette Frangipane has had a huge year, touring with the Weeknd and releasing her debut album “Badlands.” She’s all over Twitter and Instagram and has a huge fan base. Her hair is blue. She has tattoos.

So who exactly is Halsey? She’s a twenty year old singer who first appeared on the scene with her single “Ghost.” She’s one of those new artists who works social media like that’s her real job and music like it’s something on the side. Just kidding, she’s very talented. Very Twittery too. She loves her fans and constantly calls them her everything.



She’s so Twitter savvy she made an entire account called @BadlandsAir, which posted as if it were an airline traveling to “Badlands” aka album. Clever.



Halsey apparently considers herself “tri-bi:” bi-racial, bi-sexual and bi-polar. So there’s that. Either way, she’s doing cool things and tweeting about it, and we respect it.


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