Bad News: The Hair Tie Around Your Wrist Might Be Gross

Everyone knows that the hair tie you wear around your wrist is both 100% necessary and a questionable fashion choice. Unfortunately though, the accessory has blown past the the problem of “not being cute” into just straight up gross territory.

Case in point, the Kentucky woman who got a deadly and disgusting infection after wearing a glitter hair tie on her wrist — which to be honest was sad enough in the first place — just last week. Fuck!

While doctors concluded that it’s not really OK to be a grown ass woman wearing a glitter hair tie, it’s also probably not OK to wear something on your wrist for that long and never take it off. (Unless it’s diamonds, then maybe.) Either way, it’s time to reconsider the elastic around your wrist — with all its infection-causing bacteria — because if you don’t, you will get pregnant, and you will die. 

The way I see it, we all have three options. 1) Keep wearing them, 2) Move about the world with constant anxiety that you wouldn’t be able to throw your hair up in the face of a natural disaster, or 3) buy one of these heinous bracelets.

Your call. 


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