Hair Sewing Is Fugly

Another day, another terrible trend in hair news. Backstage at an Alexander McQueen show during Paris Fashion Week, hair stylists/seamstresses were sewing thread into into the models’ hair, to create the following “look.”

Guido (actual name of a person), a seamstress or something (??) threw in his two cents, even though no one really cares what anyone named Guido thinks. He explained to Allure, “[Designer] Sarah Burton wanted the hair to feel very natural and soft and feminine, but also artisanal, since a lot of the collection is based on artisanal workmanship.”

Dafuq? Since when is doing hair analogous to building tables for hipsters?

Also, why is it that anytime some one does something “artsy” and “different” we just collectively nod our heads and decide that it’s chic, even if it’s fugly as hell? We’re all just like, Alexander McQueen wore army pants and flip flops, so “hair sewing is totally the next big thing, guys! It’s taking over the world!” Re-fucking-lax.

IDK I guess all I’m saying is that if you want your models to look like ratchet Hermione Grangers, then just feed them 7 Mai Tais the night before and make them go to work hella early the next day. No sewing required.


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