Hailey Baldwin Tried To Shade Taylor Swift & Failed, But We Commend Her Effort

There are certain things Hailey Baldwin is super good at: wearing a ponytail to formal events, having great lips sans lip fillers (that we know of anyway), and being related to Alec Baldwin. With all of these talents one might think there’s nothing she can’t do. That one would be wrong. What’s something she’s not great at? Shading Taylor Swift in interviews.

As reported by USA Today, during an interview with Yahoo7 Be, Hailey Baldwin announced, seemingly unprovoked, that she doesn’t “really understand the Taylor Swift squad at all.” She went on to say she doesn’t “think that you need to create a public squad… [She doesn’t] know what that proves.” Honestly, she’s not wrong. It’s pretty weird how much attention nicegirl Taylor and her gang of model friends gets. The fail is that Hailey’s friends with, like, half of the same girls. While jumping on the “I hate Taylor Swift” bandwagon is always welcome in our office, doing it randomly in the media just makes you look petty.

Taylor Swift loser

She tried and failed to backtrack when she explained that she has her own “crew, but doesn’t know what having a squad means.” Pretty sure a “crew” and a “squad” are the same thing and calling your group of friends anything other than your “friends” actually just makes you sound like you’re trying just a little too hard. Anyway, stick to what you know, Hails. Apparently, that doesn’t include talking shit about the world’s easiest target.

Taylor swift shrug


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