Should You Go to the Gym Or Just Stay in Bed? A Quiz

1. What time is it?

A) I don't know, it's way too early, it's still dark out.
B) noon, but I'm hungover
C) 5pm, but it's 5am somewhere

2. When's the last time you went to the gym?

A) Like, a few days ago.
B) It's been a few weeks but I took a spin class last weekend.
C) I can't remember. All the days are blending into one.

3. What did you eat for dinner last night?

A) A salad and fish or something paleo.
B) Ugh, like a burger… and then I got drunk and had cheese fries.
C) Nothing, I slept through dinner.

4. Are you going to a wedding soon?

A) Yeah, but just as a platonic plus one.
B) Yeah, but my dress is a long one.
C) I'm getting married tomorrow, and I don't know if I can go through with it.

5. Do you like the way you look?

A) I mean, yeah, I look great.
B) Sort of, but I really want abs.
C) I don't like anything except for sleeping.

6. Is tomorrow Halloween?

A) No, it's not for another few months.
B) It's in a week, but I'm on my period.
C) I'm not sure. I haven't left my bed for days.

7. Are you going to see your crush tonight?

A) I'm in a relationship.
B) There's this birthday party that we're probably both going to so, yeah.
C) No, I probably won't see anyone tonight.


Mostly A's: No way, you're fine. Go back to sleep.

Mostly B's: Yeah, probably… but like not right now. In 10 minutes. Hit the snooze button.

Mostly C's: You don't need to go to the gym, but you should definitely get out of bed. Right now. And maybe get some help. Are you okay?


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