Guy Uses Tinder To Catch Person Who Stole $30,000 From His Startup

Tinder 1, thief 0. Some computer hauncho in a Bay Area start-up was so fed up with getting his shit stolen that he posted a wanted ad on Tinder and it actually worked.

According to this article, some girl stole $30,000 worth of shit from this start-up in just a few weeks. It’s like Bling Ring, if it were lower stakes and didn’t involve celebrities… ie, pretty boring.

However, the best part of the story is when the guy claims he had to use his girlfriend’s Tinder account because “I needed a girl’s account and they link it to Facebook” – but we call bullshit. Since when were wanted ads gender specific?  Clearly this guy just didn’t want to sacrifice his own matching potential over some stolen computers.  The girlfriend in this story sounds like a real idiot.  Wake up call: some girl may be swiping your boyfriend’s computers, but your boyfriend is swiping girls on his computer (phone, whatever).

The start-up is called Buildzoom, and we looked it up – it’s some boring craigslist for construction contractors… yawn… maybe you should focus on your security system at your office rather than finding cover-ups for reasons you’re on Tinder.

Anyway, we’re thinking of taking this idea and adapting it to our own Tinders, but instead of a wanted ad for a thief, how about a wanted ad for 2am pizza? The reward is you get to bring me pizza.



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