Some Dude Trolls Facebook And 100,000 Idiots Believe Him

You know how Facebook is the best and more reliable source of current events? And how you should automatically believe everything that you see on there instantly?

Wait a minute…

Yeah, so apparently that’s what some people actually believe, because some d-bag tricked a bunch of dumb dumbs into believing that he “predicted” the deaths of Prince and Mohammad Ali as well as a bunch of other things just by posting a status on the good ole FB.

Here’s how he did it: He wrote out a post and then, wow, this is 100% earth-shattering, he edited the date on it to look like he wrote it in 2015. Not rocket science, since you can totally, oh I don’t know, edit anything you post on social media???

My question is where did this guy find 100,000+ people who have never used Facebook before? Because that is the only way you could explain your way out of being called dumb AF for believing this shit.  


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