Dear Betch, Is This Guy Ignoring Me Because He’s Not Interested Or…?

Dear Betch,

An old childhood friend got back in touch with me after learning I was going through a separation around the same time as he was. We organised to head out in a few weeks time and in between that time I heard from him regularly and he said how much he was looking forward to it.

When we went out, we ended up having a few drinks and hooking up all night on the dance floor. It felt really good and I started thinking I’d be keen for that to happen again but keep it casual. I messaged him the following afternoon to tell him I had a good time and he sent me a really nice message just letting me know he couldn’t be in a relationship right now and wanted to be upfront about it so I wouldn’t get hurt. I immediately agreed but said I really enjoyed last night and wouldn’t say no to it happening again and he messaged back saying the feeling was mutual, however I haven’t heard from him in the last two weeks, nor have we had any interaction on social media.

Am I reading too much into his silence or is he just not interested and was only being polite?

At least give me something to work with on the opening,

While I have a few questions (namely, separation from a husband or…? How old are you? Are you still young enough to be making out with guys on the dance floor?) this situation doesn’t seem all that complicated to me. It kinda goes back to what the Head Pro said recently about how all guys assume that any girl who’s fucking them also has feelings for them. Sounds to me like this guy is really adamant about having a no feelings zone (and possibly a no flex zone) and is just trying to nip things in the bud. That would be my guess as to why he’s turning down your offer for sex—like maybe he just doesn’t believe that you wouldn’t catch feelings somewhere down the line. Maybe because your idea of keeping things casual is to message your hookup the very next day to try to arrange a followup? You may want to revisit your definition of casual. You’re def not reading too much into his silence….unless you hear from him otherwise, the dude is not down. As The Beatles once said, “let it be.”

Casual kisses,

The Betches


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