A Comprehensive Guide To Snapchat Stories

For normal people, snapstory is an always abused platform for people to annoy the shit out of one another. For betches, snapstory is the best way to remind all your friends and acquaintances just how great you are, mostly through how much alcohol you can consume.

A betch and her snap story is a personal thing. Some betches use it rarely, and just for casual pics such as  “weekend in Paris!!” passport snaps or taking a selfie with Beyoncé in the bathroom. Like the SAB, betches use this deliberate personal branding technique of being nonexistent and mysterious to ironically give off the impression that they’re constantly doing cool shit.

Other betches use their snap story more regularly, mostly to document pregames or the occasional sunset or landscape photo, just to keep them grounded of course. Inevitably these betches forget about snap story the moment they get hammered enough, which just gives off the impression that their social life revolves around 15 chicks screaming in a kitchen chugging vodka while never actually making it to the event. Occasionally these betches will end the night with a regrettable post-bar selfie featuring smeared make-up and matted hair that they meant to send to their bestie but actually storied for the world to see. Talk about Sunday Morning Regrets.

Then there are the betches that really take snap story seriously—these are the ones that have a 60-120 second story every time they go out. This has dangerous potential to be super fucking annoying, but just like the bend and snap, if done properly it can def get you a date. The secret to an entertaining and long snapstory is following a theme and treating your snapstory just like an Oscar winning short. Shit better have a plot or you just committed social suicide by posting a bunch of random clips of nothing cool happening.

As far as other people’s snap stories go: betches don’t watch them, they just make them. Unless of course she’s OCD as fuck and needs to watch every single snapstory on the app or it’ll make her have full-fledged anxiety. A legitimate struggle many of us have to cope with everyday. Remember that no one out there will ever really know what you've been through or what your story is unless of course they've seen it on Snapchat. 


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