The Betches’ Guide To Snacking

In our efforts to stay skinny, we don’t always follow the rules of not eating. While nothing tastes as skinny feels applies to forgoing that steak dinner or cheese fries, snacking is a whole other story. Betches have a complicated relationship with snacking. We fucking love snacks, but sometimes they make us feel ugh.

As betchy children, snack time was the epicenter of after school activities. Whether you were coming back from soccer practice or getting ready for dance lessons, snack time fit somewhere in there. We were taught to eat our orange slices to boost our energy for our activity-filled evenings and, eat them we did.

As adult betches, we haven’t stopped snacking for many of the same reasons. We’re so busy that forgetting to eat lunch is actually a regular part of our weeks. But while we don’t always have 15 minutes to spare to stuff our faces with something healthy, we can manager the 30 seconds it takes to slip a dollar into the vending machine or to grab a bag of kale chips from the deli.

For betches that snack religiously, you’ve discovered the art of feeling full by eating less. Science has done studies, we heard, that it actually takes 20 minutes for your brain to recognize you’re full, after you actually have had enough to eat. Therefore, sitting down for a full-length meal means you almost always eat more than you need. But when you’re snacking throughout the day, your body will be able to tell you it’s full a lot faster.

Our parents tell us not to snack when we Skype them, and often times, they’re right. It’s probably not a great idea to be eating pita bread and hummus at 2am when we should be asleep, BUT what else are we supposed to do while we’re catching up on House of Cards?

In fact, while you might expect a bro-heavy home to contain a sizable snack supply, betches have snack cabinets that can’t be rivaled with. From energy bars to chips to fruit roll-ups, we’re not ashamed to buy children’s snacks if it’s what we’re in the mood for. So sue me, I was craving string cheese! When we're not thinking we're thinking about food and therefore we snack constantly.

Thanks to our good genes and fast metabolism, we’re able to snack on without putting on. Pass the wasabi seaweed, I'm starving.


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