Group Halloween Costumes To All Look Hot In

Group costumes for Halloween are betchy only if everyone in the group looks hot. Dressing up as a group is a great way to make everyone else feel FOMO while simultaneously letting others know how not selfish you are for sharing the spotlight with six other girls. Like, it’s the only time of year that matching someone else’s outfit is encouraged.

So if you’re dressing up with your besties for Halloween, deciding what to be can be annoying. Everyone has a different idea of what looks good on them, like maybe Kelly has long legs and wants to wear a bodysuit but Chelsea insists on wearing a dress. You can’t sacrifice the hotness of the group for a costume. You’re only as hot as your ugliest betch. Here are a few ideas you’ll all look good in. And no, don’t dress up as Spice Girls because nobody ever wants to be Sporty or Scary.

Taylor Swift’s Squad

Taylor Swift Squad

This costume is basically just “hot models,” so it should be easy for you. Dress like you’re constantly being photographed for Instagram. Accessorize with hot girl accessories like sparklers, American flags, and baby animals. The great thing about this costume is the squad keeps growing, so you can add last minute friends to the costume without ruining the group.

Victoria’s Secret Angels

This costume is very similar to Taylor Swift’s squad but with less feuding. There are so many options when it comes to this one, someone can be the diamond bra, someone can be swimwear, someone can be PINK!, I mean honestly it’s such a diverse costume. If you have a gay best friend who wants to join he can be Adam Levine.

Britney Spears’ Songs

Britney Spears Toxic

Dressing up as girl bands is hard because there’s always a queen bee. But you can solve that by having everyone dress up as the queen bee herself, the princess of pop, Britney Spears. Britney is our generation’s Madonna, with so many different looks you can literally go for a whole month just dressing up as Britney Spears and not run out. One time she told a magazine she only wears underwear once before throwing it out, and that explains a lot. Top Britneys to be: “Baby One More Time” Britney, “Oops I Did it Again” Britney, “I’m A Slave 4 U” Britney, and “Toxic” Britney.

Teachers Union

It’s not election season if you don’t get a little political. Dress up as the Teachers Union and feel the power of your political sway while looking like slutty librarians. The great thing about this costume is you can keep it simple with the slutty school girl costume but also show that you like, care about this election.

The Bachelor Contestants

Bachelor Rose Ceremony

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a chance to wear an evening gown, don’t worry, because this costume will give you a reason to buy an unnecessarily sparkly dress to just wear once. Color coordinate with your friends to make sure you all look hot but that nobody stands out more than anyone else. Give everyone a rose and stay drunk all night, and you’re basically there. You just made it easy for bros to talk to you by opening with “will you accept this rose?” A costume with a built-in line is a good one.

Pinup Calendar

If you have a large AF group, go as a calendar because then nobody’s extra. This only works if there are 12 people, obviously. We don’t really have to explain this one, you get it. Pick a month and look hot.


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