The 15 Greatest Moments In VMA History

Every year we buy a bottle of wine and sit around the TV with our betches to watch the always entertaining and controversial MTV Video Music Awards. This year marks the 30th year of the show and I thought it was time to look back over the past three decades for the 15 best moments.

15. Our first favorite betch band, like these literally don’t exist anymore. RIP.


14. Our first favorite boy band coordinated in some form of fur.


13. Rihanna and Chris Brown’s performance together.


12. This.


11. And this.


10. I guess Rose McGowan started the Free The Nipple campaign before the Willis daughter?




8. When Kanye interrupted T-Swift.


7. When Madonna went full Victorian performing Vogue in 1990.


6. When Beyonce literally fell from the sky to perform Crazy in Love with Jay. Twas a simpler time.


5. Oh and they looked like this…


4. When Rihanna made this face watching Miley twerk with a foam finger and a married man…


3. When JT reunited NSYNC. Even though it was only for a small moment (because JT is the only one still relevant) we love every second of it.

2. When Bey announced her pregnancy.

While in the audience Lady Gaga is dressed like a man living in the glory days of being a T-Bird…so not chic. And there’s a flash to Adele singing along sassily that’s utter perfection. And also a flash to Katy Perry in the audience with a giant piece of cheese on her head, like honey this is the VMA’s not a Wisconsin football game, pull yourself together.


1. Michael Jacksons 15 minute medley.




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