The Betchiest Songs From The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

While it's widely known that betches rarely read (with few exceptions), The Great Gatsby is one of like three books we know of, mostly because it's about blacking out and parties. We're pretty excited for the movie and seriously hope it doesn't suck, which we're pretty sure it will given the excessive commercials and the pre-release of the soundtrack. Either way, the soundtrack happens to be bomb and we've posted our favorites. Sia, Gotye, Jack White, and Florence + the Machine also have darker/less fun songs on the full album, which you can listen to here on something called National Public Radio. Public, ew.


Back to Black – Andre 3000 & Beyonce

A throwback to our girl Amy. You can hear the Beyonce part of this song (the best part) on the commercials. Try to forget that the male vocalist is known to us as the Hey Ya one-hit-wonder.


Bang Bang –

This one sounds a lot more like featuring Britney Spears on autotune than just on his own but it would not doubt be perfect to take shots to.


100$ Bill – Jay-Z

A rap destined to be overplayed. This version has a mashup with Leo DiCaprio's voice making it not just another Jay-Z masterpierece but a totally motivating workout song.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody – Fergie & Q-Tip & GoonRock

The title of this song is a little ironic given the fact that there's also an Amy Winehouse cover on the album, but hey, a little party never killed anybody we know personally. 


Young & Beautiful – Lana del Rey

If you're feeling depressed or are a Lana fan or it's raining, this is the slow song we recommend. Our respect for Lana is generally up after hearing this, especially considering she made it onto the soundtrack and Adele did not.


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