The Grammy Awards Fugliest Outfits

The Grammy Awards: The night where musicians come together and pick the worst possible outfits to wear. The 2016 Grammys were no exception to the rule. Let’s take a look at the worst dressed Betches of the night.


Florence looks like Glinda The Good Witch discovered Percocet and Happy Hour at O’Flannigan’s.


What is it with T Swift wearing these weird high-low dresses to the Grammys? This look is very 2009 Forever 21, and so is her hairstyle. I had the bowl cut once…in Kindergarden when I wore bedazzled light wash jeans. Somehow I think that still looked better than these Grammy dresses. 

There was some weird body cage trend happening that was very confusing.

I guess Ariel took a trip to the “Retired 80’s Vegas Performer” section of Goodwill.

Did no one teach you separate your Reds from your Whites, Sam Hunt?

This is some Yin and Yang fuck up. What the hell is Janelle wearing.

I didn’t know the drapes from Mad Men were making an appearance!

These were just some of the looks from the Grammys that really offended us. This night just reaffirms that everyone in music should just stick to singing. 


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