The Grammys Are Trying To Be Less Trash With This Year’s Nominations

This morning, the nominations for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards were announced, and like always, there were some interesting choices made by the nominating committee. There are 84 award categories, and our attention span isn’t nearly that long, but let’s break down some of the most important highlights.

First of all, the Grammy voters fucking love “Despacito”, so like same. The song was nominated for the two biggest awards, Record and Song of the Year, as well as Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Presumably they didn’t see Justin Bieber’s pathetic/offensive attempt at a live performance, because that probably wouldn’t have helped them out.

Speaking of Record of the Year, not a single woman was nominated for the biggest award of the night, and Lorde was the only lady to make it into the Album of the Year category. We’re not saying the Grammy voters are sexist pigs or anything, but tbh they probably are. Like sorry, but if Bruno fucking Mars can get nominated in every major category, you could find one woman to nominate.

JAY-Z is the most nominated artist this year with eight nods, even though we still haven’t heard his album because we’re not about to pay for a Tidal subscription. We’re sure it’s really good, love ya Jay, don’t fucking cheat on Beyoncé again or you’ll be hearing from our lawyers!! But good for him, and also good for Kendrick Lamar who got seven nominations. Tbt to when adults were like, terrified of rap music. Seems like it might finally be Kendrick’s year to win Album of the Year, but knowing the Grammys committee (which I do, seeing as we are close personal friends), they’ll probably give it to Lorde’s album that nobody listened to, and I will be forced to burn the Grammys down.

The Best New Artist category always seems super random, and this year is no exception. The nominees are Alessia Cara, Khalid, Lil Uzi Vert, Julia Michaels, and SZA, and at least two of these artists are not actually new if you like, pay attention (see: my comments last year on Chance The Rapper). But at least this year they didn’t nominate some rando country girl no one’s ever heard of.

Overall, it seems like the Grammys are making a concerted effort to be less overtly dismissive of non-white artists, but we’ll have to wait until the winners come out to see if this is all just a ruse. The Grammys are on January 28th, which gives you two full months to brush up on the nominees for awards like Best Regional Mexican Music Album, or you can just keep listening to Ed Sheeran and accept that you’re a little bit trash. We love you anyway.


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