Get A Graduation Outfit That’ll Please Every Judgmental Relative At The Shopbop Sale

You’re almost done with college and you know what that means: graduation. Even though you’re probably about to have a breakdown because the best years of your life are behind you, you need to pull it together to bring your fashion A-game to the graduation ceremony. What better time for a Shopbop sale to blow the last of the money that your parents are ever going to give you because you’re a real adult now!

First comes the dress. The dress is VERY important. You need something that’s comfortable, cute, edgy, not too flashy or scandalous, something just perfect. We think we’ve found your match. It’s the EDUN satin crepe dress.

It’s racerback, so you can wear your sports bra, you lazy fuck!

Or if you’re graduating a school in the South and you’re planning to marry your college sweetheart straight out of college, here’s a more appropriate option:


Reem Acra Isabella tulle gown

Okay, next: The shoe. The shoe is THE MOST IMPORTANT ADDITION TO YOUR OUTFIT. Since that ugly, smelly robe is going to cover your perfect dress, you need to wear a cute as fuck shoe. Here are a couple options: 

Mary Katrantzou Lietie sandals

Giambattista Valli strappy sandals

And here’s the sensible version of that Giambattista Valli heel that your mom is going to bring because she’s smarter than you and knows you’re not going to be able to stand for hours wearing 5-inch heels. 

Giambattista Valli strappy platform sandals

On to accessories. You’re going to want to keep it simple because you’re going to have these photos for life, so no crazy chandelier earrings.

Here’s a gorgeous Eddie Borgo ring:

Eddie Borgo Navette ring

Don’t forget your sunglasses. The sunglasses hold many purposes. The most obvious is, of course, to protect from the sun that’s most likely going to make you sweat balls during the ceremony. We’re not thinking about that, though. We’re thinking about how you’re going to bawl your eyes out and fuck up your makeup. Also, I bet your ex-boyfriend from sophomore year is going to be there, too, so you’re going to need to wear sunglasses so he can’t tell you’re staring. Fucking Derrick. 

Super Sunglasses Santa Gel sunglasses

Okay, one more thing. We’re dying that Shopbop is selling a Gigantic Inflatable Beach Ball. Because what says fashion more than a huge fucking beach ball? And what’s with the girl just chilling in front of the ball? Maybe you should buy this too for graduation to deny the sad fact that you’re a real adult now. 

Congrats to the class of 2016, and welcome to the real world! Being an adult kind of sucks, but it’s whatever.


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