Poor Gossip Girl Is Already Dated

Major flashback moment here, Gossip Girl has been OVER for 3 years! Literally December 17th 3 years ago, Gossip Girl ended. And it is so sad that when we try to think about the show with logic, some if just wouldn’t work these days. I mean for one, like fucking duh, Snapchat. I feel like that would’ve cleared up a lot of the drama between our favorite Upper East Siders in less than 10 seconds.
Another thing that is sort of out of date is the whole “eww Brooklyn” thing. I mean don’t get me wrong, I would much rather live in a penthouse on 5th Ave, rather than in some co-op in Flatbush. But I kind of get the whole “Brooklyn dad” thing.

And what was up with the whole, we’re-pretending-Facebook-doesn’t-exist thing? Like I’m pretty sure we had Facebook in 2010. So how would that Charlie Rhodes/Ivy thing have lasted that long? Like how can a mistaken identity exist with people that have access to the Internet?

Also, I feel like Serena would have been a major Insta-whore. She would definitely be the one humble bragging about how she finally broke 100,000 followers. Right?
Anyways, I will always love Gossip Girl for teaching me that the only guys who are good enough for me are the misogynistic, well-dressed, alcoholic Chuck Bass’s of the world. So anyways, happy 3rd anniversary of being over Gossip Girl. You know we love you. 


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