Donald Trump Made All The Other GOP Candidates Want to Host SNL Too

So you probably didn’t watch it because you were doing literally anything else, but Donald Trump hosted SNL a couple weeks ago. Now, the other GOP Candidates have major FOMO and want to host the show too. This is probably the first time since 2008 that anyone has ever actually wanted to be associated with SNL.

John Kasich – the guy from Ohio who looks like a turtle – Lindsey Graham – the closeted South Carolina Senator – and George Pataki (literally who tf is that? Helga Pataki’s dad?) started bitching about getting “equal opportunity for use of facilities.” They also want to host a show that only edgy 8th graders watch on YouTube.

So basically, this is the other GOP candidates right now:

You know that I’m not allowed to be on SNL, right? Yeah! Two week ago he told me SNL was his thing and I wasn’t allowed to host it. And then for November 21st, I was free from 11pm-2am and I had to pretend like I didn’t even want to host  the show.



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