Google Is Making A Cheaper Uber

Reportedly, Google is offering a even cheaper ride-share service than Uber, first starting in San Francisco before spreading to the rest of the country. The premise is simple: customers use the Waze app (which is owned by Google) to determine which commuters are already traveling on a similar path, and as a rider, you click a button and jump in the other commuter’s car. Fucking brilliant. It’s like it’s almost been done before!

Google tested out this idea on their Silicon Valley guinea pigs, and the results aren’t bad so far: Waze is charging riders less than 54 cents per mile, which is way less than Lyft or Uber. And even better for those of you who wouldn’t mind picking up a rider or two en route to work is that Google doesn’t believe the income is taxable “because it considers payments through its service effectively as money for gas.”


Google isn’t collecting a fee yet for its genius albeit somewhat copied innovation, so stay tuned for this rollout into your city. The San Francisco pilot period started in May and its planned expansion is projected to begin in the fall. 

Basically, if you are forced to go into work, it’s becoming a lot fucking cheaper to do so. Amazing.



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