Some Genius Bought To Troll Google

Sometimes nerds do know how to have fun. Apparently Google fucked up last year by forgetting to renew their domain name. You know, their domain being the website that a billion and a half (probably) people use daily.

A former employee of Google decided to buy the domain because he was bored, and then Google was like oh shit we need that back actually. So Google offered him cash to get the domain back because they’re Google and money buys everything, even being the butt of the joke.

Here’s where it gets extra nerdy because the amount Google offered this guy was $6,006.13 which even we can understand says Google in number language. Though we would’ve suggested adding in the “.com” in numbers to add three more digits to that sum.

The most bizarre part of this story though is that this former employee decided to announce his troll escapade on LinkedIn, of all places. So to answer the question of who the fuck is chilling on Linkedin?, it’s people who have too much time on their hands.


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