Good News: Looking Hungover On Purpose Is Now A Thing

It’s recently come to my attention that making yourself look hungover on purpose is now a thing, which either means that God has finally listened to my prayers or that the apocalypse is closer than we think. (In all seriousness though, the moment I actually crawl out of my hungover hole I’m usually like “Sorry, big G! False alarm” because I don’t really want to look like a derelict 24/7. Just Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun sometimes Mon morning is enough.)

Anyway this makeup trend came into existence because apparently looking ill makes you also look “youthful.” Perhaps because when you are old and ill…you just die (so dark, sorry). While it remains quite unclear how anyone arrived at this conclusion, I can say that the looks aren’t as heinous as I would have imagined. Even Michelle Phan made a video about how to achieve the puffy eye aspect of this Korean/Japanese influenced fad.

The claim is that puffy eyes or aegyo sal gives you a *super cute* “cheerful” vibe. I mean, I guess? No, not really. I don't see how that works, but then again, I live in a culture where people inject things into their lips so what the fuck do I really know?

Tbh this article is really just a letter to my Mom and Dad disguised as an article to alert them that Korea is looking for a beauty role model and that it’s time I step up to the plate. I’ll show them what it’s really like to look hungover. I know you’re proud, you don’t even have to say so. K love you, bye forever.


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