You Need to Watch This Little Girl Serenade Her Goldfish at Its Funeral

So this little girl’s fish died, and she was super sad – like you, before you went abroad, saying goodbye to your sorority sisters sad. Apparently the fish’s name was Nemo, which seems super fucking sadistic but whatever. Like homegirl named her pet after a fictional fish that spends half of the movie trying to escape a fish tank. Classic Disney subtleties being lost on a four year old.

Anyway, she held a pretty depressing funeral for Nemo, where she choked through her tears to say goodbye in the only way a child of the 21st Century knows how: with a Fetty Wap song. Despite having a mental breakdown that rivals the first time you saw The Notebook, she manages to serenade Nemo with “My Way,” which will forever be known as the ultimate goodbye song – sorry “Here’s To The Night.” 


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