Casual Goat Just Wants A Latte (And Who Can Blame Him?)

Starbucks. Yoga studios. Forever 21. These are sacred spaces. They’re also the last place you expect to see a goat just fucking chilling doing goat shit. Cue Milly, the California goat who rolled up hot to a Starbucks Rohnert Park on Sunday. You know, just to check out the atmosphere. Maybe hook up to the wifi. Send some emails. That kind of thing…

According to witnesses, Milly wasn’t there for bananas or a frapp. She mostly just wanted to eat cardboard boxes and chill until her owner, a twelve-year-old living two doors down from the Starbucks, came to get her.

So if you live in Cali, be on the lookout for Starbucks-bound goats. Also, if you’re headed in for some coffee one of these days, try the cardboard boxes! Hear they’re great!


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