The Gluten Free Epidemic Is Getting Out Of Hand

The gluten free epidemic is really getting out of hand. I feel like these days before I even give someone a piece of gum they have to ask if it's gluten free. At the bar girls debate which alcohol to drink because apparently vodka has gluten in it. Like as if all alcohol isn't slowly killing your body, just drink the fucking vodka.

I realized this epidemic was getting out of hand when I went to brunch on Sunday with a group of friends and was the ONLY one of TEN people who wasn't eating gluten free. Obviously I know that some people are indeed allergic to gluten but I also know that's a small percentage of the people who claim to be gluten free. We all know betches are doing it to lose weight. But did you know gluten free bread has more calories, double the fat, and half the fiber? Oh and it tastes like cardboard.

My best friend has Celiac (for those who have never heard of this it's the autoimmune disorder that started this trend because she literally CAN'T eat gluten). But whenever we go out to restaurants now and she asks if certain sauces have gluten in them she just sounds like a pretentious hipster.

Let's please work together to stop this trend of people forgoing gluten for no reason. It actually makes me miss the days of kale and juicing.


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