Glamour Called Amy Schumer Fat And She Is Not Here For It

Glamour magazine included Amy “Plan B is my Plan A” Schumer in their plus size women issue, but Amy isn’t plus size…awkz. Technically, size 12 and above is considered plus, but Amy is either a size 6 or 8, I’m guessing depending on the last time she ate at Chipotle. Naturally Amy posted about this fat shaming fuckup on social media, because she thinks it’s wrong to label women by their dress size and wrong to make young girls think that anyone over a size 4 is plus size. So much like Regina George buying her spring fling dress, Amy was not going to try Sears.

Obvi this sparked a whole debate on Twitter, with people supporting Amy’s call out. The Editor-in-Chief tried desperately to fix the situation, but she’s not Olivia Pope so it was nowhere near handled. You can bet on Amy’s size 6 ass that she’ll be making an amazing video about this whole ordeal on Inside Amy Schumer.


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