Woman Gives Birth In An Uber and Then Names Her Baby Uber

You thought that $238 drunk Uber ride home on Halloween was bad, but a woman in India gave birth to a baby inside of an Uber, like a 21st Century Jesus in a manger. Let that soak in for a moment.

For a quick comparison: The last time I called an Uber was after a pregame at my friend’s apartment, but I used her phone to call the Uber and promised to pay for her drinks – lol.

Anyway, this woman’s friend’s couldn’t get an ambulance, so naturally they called an Uber. I’d imagine that driver was as disappointed with his passengers as drivers are whenever I cry in the backseat. This driver was racing them to a hospital, but much like when your friend has to open the door to puke at every red light, the pregnant woman couldn’t hold it and gave birth in the car.

The driver ended up getting her and the new baby to the hospital, and to show her gratitude the mom let the driver name her new baby. Naturally, because this was already an insane evening, he chose Uber. And you thought Apple Martin was the worst name in the history of names.

Yet again an Uber driver saves a woman’s life. She should just hope he didn’t give her a shitty rating.


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