Betch in Training Sings All the Words to Little Mermaid and Is Adorable

This 3 year old betch in training takes your childhood singalong to the next level. Give it up for the internet for upping the parenting game and giving us this adorable video. These parents (sidenote, the dad is a DILF) on Youtube posted a video of their daughter singing all the words to “Part of Your World” from Little Mermaid, including the entire spoken intro.

It’s clear she’s a betch because she likes attention and is clearly a daddy’s girl. She’s clearly well off because her dad bought her recording equipment to professionally record this track. I think back in our day we were recording on cassette players. She’s also got multiple outfit changes, because obvs.

Also, her name is Claire Ryan Crosby and that’s a betchy name if we’ve ever seen one. Her college application to Trinity should just be a link to this video.



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