#Girlboss is Coming to Netflix

Nasty Gal founder and #Girlboss writer Sophia Amoruso has landed a deal with Netflix.

She’s had some negative media attention lately after reportedly laying off 19 Nasty Gal employees. But Netflix ain’t got time for that. They think the book would be a great subject for a comedy series. If they want comedy they should look at some of the ridiculous outfits Nasty Gal thinks people should wear. AMIRITE?

For those who haven’t read #Girlboss, you probably should because Amoruso is snarky and generally pretty betchy, but she also offers some pretty decent work advice on navigating a career as a female. Anyway, there’s some great stuff in there, but the jury is out on how funny it is. Maybe people at Netflix have a weirdly nuanced sense of humor that no one else sees. Who knows?

Variety reports the series will focus on the rags-to-riches part of Amoruso’s story. This means they’re showing the dumpster-diving/getting fired from jobs/being super poor parts. Maybe they’ll parlay that into the more successful parts of her life where she made millions by the time she was 27.

Somehow Charlize Theron is part of the project too, and we want to continue to expect good things from her.

Whatever, we’ll definitely be watching.


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