Girl Posts Craigslist Ad For An Open Date

A girl in Los Angeles was so sick of the dating search that she turned to Craigslist for more luck.  In her post, she says “So we can agree that the dating search sucks, but that's not enough to make you not want to date at all. Like, looking for apartments sucks, but you still need a place to live.”  I mean, kinda. Her logic was then to post an open date, presumably like an open house, and invite any randos that want to date her to come and meet her at the same time.

It’s basically the Bachelorette, but instead of getting married she’s just looking for a normal relationship.  Honestly, she would probably have more luck on the Bachelorette.  The whole thing is kind of desperate, tbh, and I’d rather die alone than use Uber as a dating app, as she references.

On what she’s looking for, she says she’s looking for a long term relationship because she’s not into casual, or a “month to month situation.”  Problem is, who the fuck is going on Craigslist for a serious relationship, the whole site is probably just a cover-up for a foot fetish prostitution ring. She also says she has a “a medium amount of personality,” but clearly not medium enough to refrain from posting a death wish on Craigslist.

A lot of her demands are pretty standard, except the one where she asks for a boyfriend with an “average text response time of less than an hour”, which, like, not even my mom can do that.

These very dramatic measures can’t be a good indicator of her character. I mean, at some point when all your relationships fail, you’re definitely the problem, not them.  She does explain her disgust with modern dating by saying “I'd rather get tested for an STD than ask you if you're seeing anyone else” and she sort of has a point there.  What we've learned is just always assume he’s seeing someone else unless told otherwise.

It’s possible this girl isn’t actually bat shit and is just extremely bored, but we’re going to guess by her Lulu reference it’s the former.  She closes with, “Any other documents you want to provide, like Instagram account, Lulu score, or proof that you don't have any STDS, is obviously a huge plus.”  Okay, good luck with that.


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