This Psycho Poor Girl Is Auctioning Her Virginity For $400K

We all know the appropriate way to lose your virginity: early and quietly so you can pretend you were never a virgin in the first place. Apparently 20-year-old Las Vegas resident Katherine Stone missed this lesson in betchiness, because she’s taken a different approach.

The story is kind of sad: her family’s house burned down in 2014, and she’s auctioning off her virginity to try and help them rebuild. The current highest bid is over $400,000, which is honestly impressive considering she probably won’t be good in bed.

If you’re asking yourself whether this is all legal, the answer is yes. She’s doing this in Nevada, where prostitution is totally legal. In fact, she’s working with one of the best known brothel owners to make sure she finds the right man so it “can be special for both of us.” Honey…no. You’re getting half a million to do it, pretty sure the guy isn’t going to be some Prince Charming who loves you for your brains.

Like, Katherine, we appreciate your struggle, but this is basically social suicide. Please call us for PR advice ASAP.


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