Go Tell Your Mom The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Reunion Trailer Is Here

We finally have something other than set photos of cryptic tweets from the Gilmore Girls reunion: an official Gilmore Girls trailer. High school friend group chats everywhere are exploding with predictions. The plot line for the reunion is a four episode event, where each episode is a different season. We can only pray that Lorelai’s skinny scarves make at least one appearance.

Sure, Gilmore Girls wasn’t perfect, but it taught us real shit about life. Rory was the nicegirl-turned-social-climber that we all know. Lorelai’s “quirky” routine got old in season 4, must like any weird phase you went through in college. Coffee is a lifestyle choice. And inevitably, we’re all just in different stages of becoming our mothers.

The trailer is one scene where Lorelai asks Rory the truly important question of our time: Would Amy Schumer like me? If you haven’t thought about that at least once on a walk of shame or getting drunk by yourself or eating an entire box of macaroni and cheese, then you’re a better woman than I am.

But seriously, watch the trailer and have the Jess vs. Logan fight with your roommate for the 4,383th time. 


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