Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Are Dating

In what must be some kind of quest to create the world’s most beautiful baby, rumors are swirling around mega-hot super model and Talor-Swift-Girl-Gang-Member Gigi Hadid and hands down the hottest member of One Direction, Zayn Malik.

The two have been “spotted” together which, in tabloid terms, means that they are married. Malik, as we all know, just finished his breakup from leggy-blonde-supermodel-with-a-crazy-ass-name Perrie Edwards, so what better way for Zayn to get back on the horse than by dating another leggy blonde super model with an even crazier name?

Honestly, good for him.

Now I know what you’r thinking, “But, Jane Duh! There’s no proof! Zayn is still single, I tell you! Single, and waiting for me to come to England and find him!”

But there is evidence. Namely, this Insta which Zayn posted in which he is seen WEARING GIGI’S GLASSES!

Still not convinced? Here is a picture (where honestly they both look like shit) of Hadid and Malik out on a low-key date night in West Hollywood. 

Sharing glasses? Low key date nights? These two super celebs aren’t just fucking ya’ll, they are d-a-t-i-n-g. Look at what Gigi is wearing. That’s not a first date outfit. That’s not even a second date outfit. That’s a “I don’t owe you shit I sleep in a pile of your farts every night” outfit— aka, a “girlfriend” outfit.

And so, one again, two of the world’s hottest people have found each other and all the rest of us plebs can do is watch.


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