Gigi Hadid Had A Nip Slip At The Versace Show

So Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are busy conquering yet another fashion week—this time in Milan. They were both in the Versace show last week, pretty par for the course until Gigi had a major nip slip. Somewhere, Janet Jackson breathed a sigh of relief. Teenage boys everywhere were overjoyed. I can’t wait to watch Yolanda talk about it on RHOBH.

In Gigi’s defense, the Versace dresses have super low neck lines, and the models were all free boobing, so it’s not that surprising. Plus, apparently the Versace show’s runway was super fucking long. That walk must have felt longer than the walk of shame out of a frat house in February. Who thought a Versace show could have more sex appeal than the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? 

Gigi, like the beautiful tropical fish she is, took to Twitter to try to do damage control.


A for effort, Gigi. You can still sit with us.


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