Gigi Hadid Wants To Go Back To College LOL

Gigi Hadid, model, resident member of the Instagram Aristocracy, and Kendall Jenner's bestie, wants to go back to college, because getting paid millions of dollars to wear Gucci on a beach isn't as fun as sitting in a library doing calculus. Gigi never finished her degree in criminal psychology, so if she does finish it then she needs her own TV show where she solves fashion crimes, like CSI meets Fashion Police.

She said that, “It's not just ok anymore to model until you're 25 and then stop and be a housewife.” Cough Yolanda Foster cough. Like homegirl just slammed her mom. Also tbt when Gigi was on RHOBH, lol. But I see Gigi's point: what happens when she stops being really really ridiculously good looking? I vote that she, Kendall, and Cara Delevingne get their own reality tv show and coast into retirement on the royalties.

First Karlie Kloss and now Gigi are headed to college, who's next?

Source: Cosmopolitan


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