People are Pissed That Gigi Hadid’s Moles Keep Getting Photoshopped


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As one of the reigning It girls of the moment, it’s hard to believe that anyone tells Gigi that she has flaws. But, it looks like Vogue China was bold enough to Photoshop out her moles on her torso. (Gasp, I know right?) And apparently, people are getting really pissed off about that. I’m all for body acceptance and the whole “beauty comes in all forms” thing, but can people calm the fuck down about this? The weird thing is that most of the time her moles aren’t actually photoshopped out, look at her in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. As Gossip Girl puts it, “mole city” and I have to agree. Who knew she had so many?

But really people, stop yelling at everyone on Twitter over this. I don’t think Gigi minds if occasionally people do things to her photos with the intent of making her look even better. Isn’t there some other cause more worthy of your hate tweets than arguing over whether or not a supermodel is a real life goddess who has absolutely no need for Photoshop?



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