Gigi Hadid Is A Cool Step Mom In New Versace Ads

Gigi and Zayn broke up like 2 seconds ago, but Gigi’s already moved on to a pretend husband with a penchant for tight leather. In a new set of Versace ads, Gigi Hadid plays the part of a proud (white) 21-year-old step mom to this random interracial family. She looks more out of place than the chain that’s keeping that poor child from leaping out of her stroller. 

I’m sure there are plenty of other (not white) model moms out there who would have made this ad more believable. So other than the fact that she’s a beautiful precious angel, it’s unclear why Versace chose Gigi for this.

Maybe it was this actual footage of Gigi as a cool step mom that secured the role? Who knows. 

God love ya! Except for the child in the stroller. She fucking hates her new step mom. 


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