Gigi Hadid’s First American Vogue Cover Is Fire, Surprising No One

In a world where everyone disagrees on literally everything, we can all come together on two things: 1) Gigi Hadid is hot AF. And 2) she’s fucking everywhere. But somehow, despite her insane attractiveness and success, she’s never landed a cover on American Vogue. Am I the only one baffled by this? Seems like a huge oversight. Get your shit together!

Well I guess Anna agreed because Gigi is making her American Vogue cover debut later this month in a shoot inspired by the Olympics and other sporty shit like running and hurdles and other activities I avoid at all costs. The entire thing is chic AF. Are the U.S. Olympic teams going to be wearing Versace and Proenza Schouler too? Because I’m gonna be fucking pissed if they go out there in basic Nike shit after this.

Anyway, the shoot also stars some athlete named Ashton Eaton, who hit the gene pool jackpot. In most of the pictures he’s like running around doing crazy athletic shit in regular workout gear, while Hadid just stands there in couture like “fuck this. I’m way too beautiful to do physical activity,” which is how I feel every time I step foot in a SoulCycle. There are a couple where she’s leaping in stilettos, and kudos to you, G, because that shit looks difficult and tiresome.

Guess this is just more unneeded proof that Gigi is not a real human and better at everything than everyone.


An ultimate dream come true, I am beyond humbled. Shooting my first American @voguemagazine cover, in my hometown, was so surreal. And to be able to share it with Olympic Gold Medalist and my new friend #AshtonEaton is such an honor. I couldn’t think of a cover I’d rather be on than the one celebrating athletics. Being an athlete has brought so much pride and joy to my life and has instilled the work ethic that still drives me every day. To Anna, @mariotestino, @tonnegood & everyone at Vogue- thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me, teaching me, showing me the world, and being such a pleasure to work with. ❤️ To @luizmattos1906 and my @imgmodels family, I don’t thank you guys enough- I appreciate you so much. We did it!!!!!!! This one’s dedicated to my biggest inspirations to work hard, my family, to all my coaches throughout my life and of course to the fans that have stuck by me from the start!!! Feeling extremely blessed. x

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