Gifts For The ‘Mean Girl’ In Your Life

Mean Girls isn’t just a movie that came out over 10 years ago – it’s a way of life. The holidays are here, so show your fave Mean Girl fanatic how many dollars worth you care with these betchy gifts.


One time, I saw Regina George wearing a You Can’t Spin With Us flowy tank from the Betches Shop, so I went out and bought a You Can’t Spin With Us flowy tank from the Betches Shop. IRL though, clothes are awesome and any fan of Mean Girls is going to love it as a gift. If you’re a true friend, you’ll take your loser friend out for a shopping spree.  

Cheese Fries 

 Because it’s winter and we’re going to be in sweatpants anyway. Hopefull they aren’t the only things that fit us right now.

Makeup Bag 


Because how else are you supposed to look so fetch? Where are you going to store al your deisgner makeup? You can try Sears. 


Etiquette Classes

Becauase you can’t ask people why they’re white. 


Burn Book

 AKA a diary, because it’s  not socially acceptable to spew hate in a Facebook status (which used to be confined to a limited number of characters, damnit) or all over your Tumblr. Throw in a pack of engraved pencils and you’ve got yourself a damn good Secret Santa set.


So as to prevent the Mean Girl in your life from smelling like a baby prostitute. Chanel No. 5 or some Marc Jacobs will do. 


Hoop earrings, to be specific. A quote bangle or a Cady Heron locket or Damian studs would also be acceptable.

This holiday season, give the Mean Girl in your life these awesome gifts because that’s just like, the rules of feminism.


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