Here’s the Jewelry Mom’s Dying for You to Buy Her

This is the year, betches. The year you make up for all those crappy drawings of “your mom and you” that really just looked like two weird blobs–you were the drunkest eight-year-old. This is the year you make up for the bookmark that's shaped after your hand that your poor mom felt compelled to use for years. Or for the macaroni frames, and the last couple years of gifting just frames with pictures of you in them. This is the year you turn a new leaf and get your mom something you she actually wants. And since your mom is still a woman, despite what her jeans say, you get her what every woman wants. Diamonds. Fucking jewelry. Duh. Here's the best choices for whatever kind of mom you have from one of our fave jewelry boutiques in NYC, Adam Marc Jewels.

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The Cool Mom

Your mom's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom. She's the type of mom that you never hesitated to call when you were too blacked to drive home–wow, eighth grade was crazy. That's why you get her one of these chic rings, like the Ibiza design. Because even if she'll probably never go to Spain and hook up with a gorgeous Spainard again, her and your dad talk about maybe visiting there once your little brother's out of the house. And that's good enough for you.

The Sacheverell gold diamond ring, The luna gold chain necklace with hanging bar necklace. The Cleo mini pave traingles or the gorgeous Ibiza cross ring.

The Edgy Mom

One edgy mom once said “When I first heard about Kim's tape, as her mother, I wanted to kill her. But as her manager.” This is the type of mom who won't only encourage you to pose in Playboy, but she'll hop right in there with you. The mom who can't pick you up after drinking because, oops, she's there, too. These are the chicest pieces because you and your mom are probably BFFs, and let's be honest, you're probably going to be “borrowing” these a couple times.

Choose a classic necklace like the Santorini in rose lariat and the flat bar necklace. Or try the Mel stack stackable rings in sterling silver with 14k vermeil with a combination of rose and yellow gold 

The Classic Mom

The perfect pieces of jewelry to say thanks for making my lunch everyday, for all the times you came home and found your newly cleaned clothes stacked neatly in your drawer, and for accepting your job as a Pinterest Curator, even though she doesn't understand it. These classy and beautiful items will look great as your mom escapes the house once a month for girl's nights, or that book club where they just read 50 Shades of Grey–just imagine how perfectly these will go with her reading glasses!

Mom will shine in the Carressa star climber sterling silver earrings or the belize turquoise flat top ring.

The Fancy Mom

Do you and your mom greet each other with a handshake and side cheek kisses? Do you toast with cucumber water and think juicing is a religion with a Vitamix as your god? Well, then you can't get your mom just any piece of jewelry, give her something as fancy as she is with these elegant little pieces straight from Adam Marc's SoHo shop.

Try the stunning Tallulah rose gold ring or the Brynn chandelier earrings.

Checkout today and use code BETCHES15 for 15% OFF your entire order

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