Why Did My Hook Up Suddenly Ghost Me? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

Love your blog, I cry laugh at a lot of your shit.

Anyway, I’m on the varsity soccer team at my school and after a long weekend away for games hooked up w a soccer boy at a Sundayfunday. It was v random and I was v blackout but we’ve always been friendly and I guess it was bound to happen. Fast forward the week and we hook up both Friday and Saturday. Saturday was a sober hangout and it was totally normal. Then this past week he’s totally ghosted me. I found out that apparently this dude NEVER hooks up with people (he’s a junior) so what we were doing was apparently way more than he is used to (I’m talkin like maybe has had sex with one other person). I’m a senior in college and I don’t have time to deal w the bullshit. So I guess my question is, is there a legit reason he’d be acting like this or do I let this one go? Like wtf, I am attractive and definitely well liked, and he totally seemed into me but now is freaking Tf out. Weird thing is he’s a great hu. Ugh guess you want what you can’t have.. ?


Boys are lame

So you agree, you think you’re really pretty?

I’m tempted to let my imagination really run with this (really, the possibilities are endless) but I feel like you kind of answered your own question when you said “apparently this dude NEVER hooks up with people.” (I’m assuming that’s actually true and he’s not like every betch that goes home with a guy from the bar claiming it’s totally out of character for her). Like, maybe he just did it once and then was like “nah, this isn’t for me”? If Donald Trump was (/is, I don’t watch the debates) a serious candidate for President, anything could happen.

I read an article once that one of the main reasons guys ghost is because they discovered something they didn’t like about you and figured it was easier to ghost than try to explain—there’s a significant chance that’s what happened here, esp. since you hung out sober post-hookup. Then again, not sure how much stock you wanna put in that since I read that article on Thought Catalog back in like, 2012. In any case, unless you went down on him using your teeth or something, I think it’s safe to assume that there’s not something terribly wrong with you; he just wasn’t feeling it. Not every guy is going to be in love with you (shocking, I know), so I really wouldn’t lose sleep (or worse, double-text) over it.

Keep playing the field,

The Betches

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