What To Do When You’ve Been Ghosted

Some people are passive aggressive assholes. I am one of those people. I say this because instead of confronting someone head on to tell them I don’t want to date them or hang out anymore, I’m all about that ghosting life. And though it’s pretty uncharacteristic of a betch to get ghosted, since we’re awesome and people should be dying to date us, it can happen.

You can blame Karma or the bible because I’m pretty sure it says, “Ghost not, lest you be ghosted.” Just in case it ever happens to you, you should know how to deal.


1. Be Cool

If you text a guy and he just, like, never texts you back. Step one is to be cool. Yeah, you can internally freak out and ask all your friends what you did wrong, but you probably did nothing wrong and you’ve just been hanging out with a douchebag. So, take a chill pill, a Xanax, and a vodka soda and just calm yourself. If he isn’t texting you, he isn’t into you, thus, he’s an idiot.

2. Don’t Confront the Situation

Sure, you’re definitely going to want to ask this guy why he thinks it’s just OK to stop talking to you without an explanation. It isn’t ok, and you deserve better. But he’s going to change your name in his phone to “Crazy Bitch, Do Not Answer” if you confront him about it. He’s going to think he made the right decision in letting you go. Don’t give him that satisfaction.


3. Lay Off Snapchat

We’ve all done it. Someone won’t text us back so we send them a snap to see if they’re just busy or ignoring us. This technique is just a way to validate your fears and make you seem desperate. If he doesn’t call you or text you back, sans the death of a close relative, he’s over it and opening that snap is just going to be an annoyance more than anything else. If a guy is into you, he doesn’t just forget you exist and need a reminder. Go ahead and add snaps to your story though. If he’s dumb enough to watch your Snap Story while he’s trying to ghost you, you probably dodged a bullet.

4. Move The Fuck On

What’s more pathetic than simply getting ghosted is letting said ghosting affect you for more than, like, ten minutes. Do not, I repeat, do not wait around for this POS to realize he’s actually been in love with you this whole time. That’s bullshit and it won’t happen. Hook up with other guys. Date other guys. Fire up the old Tinder and Bumble machines. You’re not going to discourage him from wanting to date you if he sees you on Insta with Abs McSixPack. He didn’t care about dating you two weeks ago, and if seeing you with another dude changes his mind then he’s seriously disturbed. Move on, betch. You’re better than that.






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