How to Get your Shit Together This Month

Betches tend to get in a lull around November time. Halloween’s over, your summer tan is a distant memory, and people won’t shut up about things like Adam Levine’s haircut and Hillary Clinton. But before you resort to nights of boredom blackouts and binge-watching old Kardashian episodes because you miss Scott and Kourtney, you need to get your life in order. To quote my trainer’s weekly Instagram post: New month, new goals. It’s the beginning of November, so let’s go over a few ways to get your shit together this month. 

Make Plans

People tend to get lazy this time of the year, but we’re here to remind you that you need a social life. Making convo with your Uber driver doesn’t count as expanding your friend group and thanking the Seamless delivery guy doesn’t count as making dinner plans. Sometimes, you just need to talk things out with friends over good sushi and overpriced drinks. How does Chrissy Teigen eat so many carbs and look like that? And why does everyone run into Sarah Jessica Parker at Forty Carrots except me? These are issues that need to be addressed in a social setting.

Get Active

You try to drag yourself to the gym every month, but somehow you always end up forgetting your headphones at your apartment, going home, and watching an old episode of Rachel Ray cooking lasagna. The VS fashion show is around the corner—do you really wanna finish those chips? Try out a new fitness class this month and do it with a friend. It’ll go by so much faster, and you’ll have someone to go to dinner with after to shit talk the other women in the class and stalk the instructor’s Instagram.


If you’ve been using the same duvet and throw pillows since your freshmen year dorm room, it might be time to redecorate your apartment. To feel like you have your shit together, you should live in a space that LOOKS like you have your shit together. Invest in some chic accessories to keep on your coffee table, and hang up some cool artwork. You spend so much time at home, at least make it look as good as you want to feel. If that includes accidentally buying a skinny mirror for your bathroom, we’re not stopping you.

Treat yourself

You’ve been obsessing over the new fall fashions, so maybe it’s time to splurge on a new purchase to bring you into the season. We all know that new indigo Celine tote has been calling your name from the Saks window, so treat yourself. You weren’t actually being serious when you said last year’s leather jacket was timeless anyway. Plus, you’ve made it through the first few weeks of fall, so you deserve a gift. Even Britney treated herself to a shopping spree after her 2007 meltdown. You can at least get those new Stuart Weitzman boots.  


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