Get Shipfaced With Thomas Gold And CAZZETTE July 4th Weekend

One of a betch’s many sophisticated hobbies is drinking on boats. Betches also love the 4th of July, because of aforementioned drinking and because America. For these reasons, and because our moms are telling us to do more philanthropy, we’re giving away 2 tickets to Shipfaced: A Party At Sea. It’s actually on July 3rd, but whatever—just like your birthday celebrations, America’s birthday party lasts the whole week too, right?

WTF is it? Glad you asked. Basically, you get drunk on a boat (sorry, underage people—it’s 21+). All tickets include free 3-hour open bar (!!!), so pace yourself—or don’t, we’re not gonna tell you how to live your lives.

When is it? July 3rd from 5pm-11pm, so you can still go out after (if you’re still functioning, which is kind of ambitious tbh).

Where is it? On a boat, fucking duh. But yeah, boarding is at Pier 40 at 353 West Side Highway.

What’s this about Thomas Gold and Cazzette? Oh yeah, for all you EDM betches, they’ll be spinning.

How much is this shit? GA starts at $50 and VIP starts at $119. Buy them here.

Wait, but what about the free shit? Oh yeah, right. Check out our post on Facebook here; like the post and tag the betch you’d want to get ship faced with in the comments.

All aboard—or like, whatever they say on ships.


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