George Clooney Proves He’s Perfect Yet Again

It’s a known fact that George Clooney is perfect and always will be. ( I can’t even, Amal why are you so perfect too?) Anyways, right when we think we know how Clooney is and why he is so perfect, I mean how can he be even better than the Lake-Como-silver-fox that he is, he surprises us yet again. This time it’s not for being the ideal suit-wearing human that he is, but for trying to actually do some good in the world. This time he is putting his neck out there for diversity in Hollywood. He spoke to Vanity Fair and told them that he is going to use his power for good to cast more diverse actors in his movies. 

You go Clooney, not only are you a perfect specimen for how grey can be chic, but you are also trying to make a positive change in the world. #BetchesApproved 

Oh also, here’s a clip of him playing never have I ever with BadGirlRiri. Ugh, again #perfect.


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