The Pros And Cons Of Taking A Gap Year

Gap years are so in right now. Just ask graduating senior Malia Obama who won’t be starting as a freshman at Harvard until 2017.

I’m sure things will go swimmingly for her, because, well, she’s a First Daughter and both of her parents are Ivy League lawyers and one of them is the President. Things might not go so well for you, though. Just saying. Here are some pros and cons of taking a gap year.

Pro: You’ll seem really cool at freshman orientation

If and when you actually get to college, all the fun, exciting free time stuff you did during your so-called “gap year” will make you seem really worldly and well-traveled. That is, if you actually get to backpack through Europe. If not, it might be kind of hard to impress people with the time you spent manning the front desk at a tanning salon.

Con: You’ll work a job you hate

Sure, you probably spent most of your high school life either siphoning money from mom and dad or working four hours a week for minimum wage, just for fun. Now, you can work for an entire year for the same amount of money, which is basically none, at a job you totally hate!  Good luck saving enough to live off in college. That’s totally not going to happen, btw, and a year of your life is now gone.

Pro: You don’t have to worry about school for a year

Many people wonder why they should take a gap year when they could just finish college in four-ish years and then never have to worry about it again. Here’s a little secret: Your parents are a lot more likely to support you at 18 than they are at 22 when you have no good reason as to why you can’t find a job. Working at Starbucks at 19 is cute, working there at 25 is sad. Take a break from school early, as in, without the stress of finding suitable employment and paying your student loan back.

Con: You’ll miss out

All of your friends from high school will be posting great pictures of their first year of college. They’ll be making a lot of mistakes and having a grand old time, drinking awesome shooters at their awesome parties. You on the other hand, might be making mistakes, but they won’t be within the comfort of the walls of academia. And you’re basically missing out on getting a new set of bffs for a while.

Pro: Maybe college will be free

Hey! If Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders win this election thing, college might be way cheaper or super free in a year or two. Better hold out, ya know, just in case.


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